Fresh thinking and new approaches
are now changing how IAM solutions
are being deployed

Fresh thinking and new approaches are now changing how identity and access management (IAM)
solutions are being deployed so that you can enable revenue generating services faster than ever.
The success of your business depends upon the ease of which your users can access the online
services they need to do business with you. Providing a positive user experience, reducing the
burden on your customer support staff, and offering secure access from any device are essential
when selecting an IAM solution.

Here’s how GlobalSign’s IAM solution can
help you meet your business objectives.

Enable Business Growth


Putting Identity and Access management (IAM) at the core of your business strategy will help you
grow your business. Your customer is the most important identity for your business.  A customer-
centric IAM solution will enable you to improve your marketing and sales efforts.  When your
customers are managing their own identities and authorizations, you always have up-to-date and
accurate customer information. Your marketing department can engage customers accurately, and
your sales team will know who their prime contacts are for up-sell opportunities.

A unified identity strategy helps you create new business and shortens the
time-to-market for new services. When your customers, partners or other external
users can use a single identity to access your online services, you can build bridges
across business lines, create brokered services, and increase customer
satisfaction and loyalty.

Customer-centric IAM will help you improve your new customer acquisition
dramatically. Use of social identities will increase your conversion
rate as you can eliminate the need for your customers to go through a
tedious registration process. Through CRM integration your sales team
can send invitations directly from the CRM interfaces to their leads and
contacts – making registration and access to your online very easy.


Outstanding customer Experience

Succeeding in online services today is all about the user experience. A majority of online
service providers have put user experience as a cornerstone of their success strategy.
Customer-centric IAM can help in multiple ways in improving the customer experience.
Good user experience not only increases conversion, but also improves loyalty and
repeated business. Information about your outstanding user experience will spread through
social networks which will help you build a positive business reputation.

GlobalSign SSO and GlobalSign Trust will enable you to deploy just the right kind of mix of
user authentication methods for your online services from social identities to strong
multi-factor out-of-band methods for highly confidential or sensitive transactions.
Federation capabilities will enable your corporate customers to single sign-on to your
services from their own networks making your services easily accessible and removing
the requirement for yet another password to be remembered.

User-driven federation enables your users and customers to link their existing identities to
your online service accounts, helping them bring their own identity, for both business and
consumer customers. Single sign-on across all your services removes the need for multiple
logins, and users can easily move between your services, or to the service of your
business partners.


Efficient Operations

One of biggest expenses that you can reduce with an IAM solution is customer service
related costs. By allowing your customers to manage their own identities and authorizations,
they no longer need to call your customer service desk to add a new user. They can invite
their employees to use your services as authorized users. The 24/7 web based self-service
workflows enable your customer to register, create new identities, authorize employees
(or deauthorize), activate SMS OTP authentication, change their information, and naturally
reset their passwords. Implementing IAM as part of your online strategy will greatlyreduce
the cost of customer service.

Your customer relationship management (CRM) system is where all your contracts are
saved. By integrating a customer-centric IAM solution with your CRM, you can achieve
considerable benefits. When customer information is entered into the CRM, your sales
team can immediately invite them to your online services. The registration of the customer
can be automated to a great extent based on the contract information – saving significant
time and enabling your sales team to be more productive.


Strong Security and Compliance

Certain verticals are heavily regulated, and arranging external user access to data might
prove difficult. GlobalSign IAM supports over 20+ authentication methods out-of-the-box,
and help your organization meet even the strictest regulatory requirements for user
identity verification.

An important factor in securing your infrastructure is to keep it as clean and straightforward
as possible. GlobalSign IAM has a flexible and versatile policy engine. Centralized policy control
enables your organization to quickly adapt to changing situations, and you don't have to
change the application code or logic. Each connected service can have its own policy, easily
configurable from the management console.

Applications need a unique set of information about the user. GlobalSign SSO Identity Broker
Engine (IBE) can connect to multiple repositories and build the exact required user profile for
the service. This function happens completely transparently for the user as part of the single
sign-on process, and is configured centrally. IBE can make sure that all the required attributes
about the user are delivered to the online service.

Modern server-to-server communications utilize APIs. Within your own network, or connecting
outside, you need to secure these APIs. GlobalSign OAuth support enables you to properly
protect and authorize the use of an API, as well as help you manage the service accounts your
servers are using. If you provide commercial APIs to your customers, GlobalSign IAM can help
you manage the service accounts of your customers and partners and protect your business.


Mobile, Device, and IoE Access

Identity is becoming pervasive and a key to securing much of what we do on a daily
basis from our connected devices. Mobile apps, connected devices, and IoE will require
identity technology to properly ensure privacy and prevent unauthorized access.
Traditional web based IAM protocols will not work properly in the world of connected
things. OAuth authorization protocol can be used to properly authorize people, devices,
and processes in this interconnected world.

PKI and IAM are the key for securing our connected world. Certificates are ideal for
providing device identities and strong user identities, and IAM can provide a layer on top
that can be used to properly authorize different entities to access information across the
Internet. Integrating the 20+ supported authentication methods available through
GlobalSign SSO requires only a few lines of code to link your app or device with
the GlobalSign IAM solution.

The number of connected entities is exploding. IAM will be the only option to make
sense of this highly diverse and interconnected mesh, where devices talk to back-end
servers and other devices, people access devices directly, through a mobile app, or
through the vendor cloud service. GlobalSign can provide highly scalable PKI and IAM
capabilities to secure mobile apps, IoE devices, APIs, desktop applications, or traditional
online services – supporting millions of users and devices.

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